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The Lord of My Life Bible Devotions post weekly during the summer and three times a week during the fall, winter and spring seasons. From May - August, find new Lord of My Life audio and video posts every Monday (8am EST for the print version and 5am for the audio version). From September - April, Lord of My Life posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Find out how to access Lord of My Life online or by free subscription by watching the video above.


The purpose of the Lord of My Life Bible Devotion series is to challenge and encourage those who read or listen to the posts toward a deeper relationship with Jesus. Video versions of many of the Lord of My Life posts can be found on the Christian Music Videos Facebook page as "devotional segments" which are edited studio segment excerpts from the national weekly television series, "Christian Music Videos".  By offering audio and print versions, we hope to cast the net a little further and reach those who may not watch the television show or the Facebook postings.  

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