Episode 1 Release Date - May 19th

Yesterday, I officially completed episode 1 of Base Station 29! I'm currently in the process of compressing the episode for distribution over the internet, DVD & Blu-Ray which should be done by the end of the weekend. Why then (you might be thinking) am I waiting until May 19th to release a video that is already finished? Well, I first wanted to send it to a few local media outlets to generate buzz about the project. But even more important, I wanted to conduct a private screening for those who provided the voices for the episode on May 18th. I didn't want to officially release the episode until I shared it with them first. This is my first announcement of a private screening, so if you provided a voice for this first episode, details will be coming soon. For the rest of you, be sure to visit ktfproductions.com on May 19th to check out episode 1 of Base Station 29.