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About the Project


Story Premise

Rezin (pronounced Ree-zin) is a Christian action/adventure series that follows the life of the title character who finds himself caught in the middle of a global conspiracy where he fights against the evil Dominion Empire who are in the throes of unleashing untold evil upon the earth.

Project History

In mid 2000 I learned of "Poser", an animation software package that would allow me to animate pre-rigged characters in 3D space. It was inexpensive and had a relatively low learning curve. After making several live-action movies with actual actors on an actual set, I welcomed the idea of creating and directing a movie style animation completely within the computer. After writing the 7 episode series, we proceeded to record over 40 voices in this epic undertaking. It took about a year to write, then another 3 months to cast and record. Once that was completed, I began animating the series. I quickly learned that my scope was too large. There were entirely too many locations, too many characters and the fighting scenes were incredibly difficult to animate. After a few years of animation with only 27 minutes of completed work to show for it, I decided that I'd finish the rest of the project as a dramatic audio series. I knew that if I continued the way that I was, the project would likely never see completion in my lifetime. Besides that, the software continued to improve, but I was left working with outdated assets so that the look would remain consistent. It took a few more years to edit the remaining episodes in dramatic audio. What I ended up with was a 27-minute animated short that continued as a dramatic audio series. With over 7 hours of story, this project proved to be the single largest project that we've ever created that involved actors.


The reason I took on the project was primarily to reach a new audience with the gospel. Before this project, I never even considered the possibility of being able to create an animated project. With the advent of the 3D animation software, "Poser", and the popularity of Hollywood movies such as "Toy Story", the time was right for a project like this. The idea was to create something that unbelievers would want to watch. I figured that some might choose to watch just because of the popularity of animation. Others might watch because of the unique action/adventure storyline. Whatever the reason, I was sure that the Holy Spirit could use it to plant seeds and open eyes to the gospel. If you watch/listen to the series, you'll notice the gospel clearly presented in a unique, and hopefully exciting, way. Rezin received several awards, and an impressive amount of "fan mail", giving me encouragement to finish the project even if that meant transitioning to an audio-only format.