About KTF Productions

Our Mission

KTF Productions (or Keep The Faith Productions) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Christian video production company with a two-fold mission. First and foremost, KTF looks to create Christ-focused productions designed to reach those who have yet to know Him. Secondly, KTF creates productions that glorify the Lord in ways that challenge, encourage and shine a light on our savior. We do this by producing a variety of video, audio, and print materials with the purpose of revealing Christ in a way that is exciting and powerful, encouraging viewers to pursue a relationship with Him. As for the productions created by KTF, the message of Jesus Christ is clearly presented. Movies, cartoons, comics, podcasts, blogs, books and a variety of other Christian productions are created for streaming, download, television broadcast and public screenings. Finally, KTF seeks to make productions available free of charge, enabling viewers and listeners access to them without hinderance.

Organization History

Founded in 1993 by David and Jeannene Evans, and acquiring non-profit status in 1996, KTF has created an array of Christian videos from single program productions to series programming. Since it's conception, KTF has won over a dozen regional, national and international awards in a variety of video competitions as well as receiving Dove recognition. In addition to it's own productions, KTF has created videos for surrounding churches and faith based organizations to further the spreading of the gospel. As of late, KTF’s focus has been on producting audio and print projects including podcasts and books.