Status: Completed (2013)

Status: Completed (2013)

Project History

"CMV Mobile" is a spinoff of the national television series, "Christian Music Videos". Because copyright and contract restrictions limit where the television show can be shared, KTF Productions decided to create an online version that would be accessible to anyone, anywhere and on virtually any device. To do this, every music video used needed to feature unsigned independent Christian artists who chose to submit their work for the series. As video submissions continued to come in, the length of episodes expanded from 15 minutes per episode to 30 minutes an episode. The series began in January 2014, and for the first month, episodes were posted every week. Over time, they were posted monthly. And after almost a full year and 15 episodes later, we decided to cancel the show due to lack of viewership. Even though we no longer produce the show, episodes can still be viewed and shared with anyone and everyone.


We've always desired to share the television series, "Christian Music Videos" with the world. Time after time we've explored creative ways to legally share the series over the internet but with little success. This was our best, and most successful, effort to share a version that closely resembles the original. The added benefit of sharing online is that every posted episode is presented in high definition. Even though the series run was short, we believe that God has used it to touch lives and glorify Himself. At the very least, those who cannot watch the television series, now have the ability to get a taste of what they are missing.

Videos about the Project