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A Note From The Director

"The Knight of Daye" is the second feature-length movie that my wife and I produced. It was quite a step up, technically, from the first movie that we created in 1993, "Keep The Faith". Although the scriptural verse, Ephesians 6:11, is what inspired the movie, we decided to begin it with the verse of scripture from Deuteronomy 12:31.

"you must not worship the Lord your God in their way, because in worshipping their gods, they do all kinds of detestable things the Lord hates. They even burn their sons and daughters in the fire as sacrifices to their gods." Det. 12:31.

We chose this verse to lead the movie because we wanted viewers to get a clear understanding of the evil that can be found in satanic cults. After my wife, Jeannene, and I began to research satanic cults, we realized that this verse must be revealed. We found that satanism is the darkest of evils because very often, the seasoned members know exactly what they've gotten themselves into and they embrace it. Yet there are others who do not yet know what they are committing themselves to. Many can be deceived.

I believe this movie is important for everyone to see.

-David M. Evans

About the Cast


Matt was picked for the lead in two other Western Michigan University stage plays during the production of this movie; "One Flew Over the Coo Coo's Nest", and "Scarlet Letter". Matt has since graduated from Western Michigan, finding his way to UCLA to continue to pursue acting.

"I always thought of the video (The Knight of Daye) as an entertainment form like a film, which has to do with the question, 'Should you feel preached at?'. I don't think so. It was made to entertain as well as to teach and with the two combined, the way it will teach is more subtle. The message of the film is what's doing the teaching and the strength and faith of the characters is what will do the teaching."


Christina lived in Allegan, Michigan during the production of the movie. She had to drive to Kalamazoo for every shoot while working security at her place of employment. Christina was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan. She graduated from Western Michigan University with a theater major and a communications minor. Her acting experience includes a student directed play, "Marvin's Room." She has dabbled in screenwriting and directing but would like to do some serious directing in the future.

"You hear of cults and stuff but I never really gave much thought to it, and this movie lets you know that they're out there. The research was done and they (cults) do exist, and the movie can help you avoid that. If you do get involved, it (The Knight of Daye) shows you what can happen so you can make a sound judgement of what you want to get involved with."

TED VERNIER (Harvey Jones)

Ted at the time of production was in the process of starting his own production company, "Vernier Productions." He is married with two children. Ted would be the first to say that he doesn't have any practical acting experience, "Other than a bit part in community theater adn some cameos in commercials, I don't have any acting experience."

"I really enjoyed doing this movie. Even though I play the 'bad guy', working with experienced actors was very challenging. I believe if you work with someone better than yourself, you tend to do better. And the same goes for good and evil. Hang out with good people and you'll tend to be good".

TODD SUTTON (Ronnie Hammond)

Todd was born in Holland, Michigan. He graduated from Grand Valley State University with a BS in film and video. During the production of this movie, Todd worked at WWMT channel 3. "The movie was my acting debut and grand finale, " Todd is quick to admit.

"I think this movie displays how easily someone can be 'taken in' just to be accepted by someone. If you don't have the right friends around or the right support, you can be drawn into something just to fill that void even if what you're getting into might be bad. I think young adults are the most susceptible to this movie. They need to see some of the warning signs associated with cults. It's for anybody, but targeted mostly to young adults."

DAVID M. EVANS (Ren Horner)

David brings experience to this project from performing in a previous KTF Production, "Keep the Faith".

About the Filmmakers

DAVID M. EVANS (Director)

David found himself wearing the hat of actor and director for this movie. He has directed several projects throughout his career, including the award winning drama, "Keep The Faith". At the time of this movie, David worked for Portage Cable Access in Portage, Michigan.


Jeannene joined David Evans in the creation of "Keep The Faith", as well as many of the commercials, promotions, and musicals produced by KTF Productions.

"I picture the target audience to be mid-teens and older. The movies are written in such a way that younger viewers, though they may be entertained or scared, probably would have a hard time understanding the message."

ROGER FENNER (Boom Operator)

Roger came on board with his experience from working on many productions for church related projects including a weekly program, and a variety of church related commercials. He has also worked on church musicals with David and Jeannene Evans. 

"The process (KTF Productions) is using is good because it's going to reach people and touch people that wouldn't normally go to church. The don't want to be preached to. This movie is something that's going to catch their interest and they're going to want to watch. By the end of the movie there is going to be a message there that's going to hit them hard and touch them deep," Roger continues. "They're going to want to watch the movie because it's interesting, it's exciting and when the message at the end hits... it's going to touch people."

The Production

To shoot this movie the way that I'd envisioned, I knew that there'd be several locations that we needed to acquire. With the blessings of the Lord, we were able to get them all free of charge. We were even able to get airplane shots for the opening of the movie from Kal-Aero as well as authentic airplane terminal shots through Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International airport. For this movie, we decided to upgraded our production equipment with better quality videotape, camera, michrophone and editing equipment.

As a whole, production went really smoothly. We finished on schedule, which in itself is from the Lord. Our crew personel went from two, in "Keep The Faith", to three in "The Knight of Daye". Roger Fenner, who we met at church, was our only official crew member besides the two producers. He was a great help with construction of props and aiding in some of the difficult shoots. He also served as our boom operator.

The whole process took approximately 1 year and 2 months from conception to completion and God was there with us the entire way.

The Script

The concept for this movie derived from an inner feeling that I had growing to know in my spirit. Whenever I feel like satan is getting the best of me, I envision my "Spirit Knight" dressed in full plated armor, which represents my strength in God. I envision this knight standing strong, being loyal to his beliefs and unmoving. This is the focus that drove me to create this movie.

Along with the verse from Ephesians 6:11, God led me to make a movie that also dealt with satanic cults. We read books dealing with satanism to educate ourselves on what really goes on so that we would be accurate in the creation of the movie itself.

The movie is meant to inform the viewer of the dangers of satanism as well as to encourage them by explaining that there is an answer. The movie's direct focus is intended to be three fold:

First and foremost, the knight. The knight represents the metaphorical spirit of the character, David Daye. As I have envisioned the knight for myself, David Daye also envisions the knight. Through this parallel, we can see the spiritual battle that is going on outside of our physical world. This battle extends past our everyday understanding into the spiritual realm, and we are able to see this within David Daye's character, hence the title of the movie, "The Knight of Daye".

The second is obviously the satanic cult. We are able to see signs and dangers that are associated with satanism. As we read through the books on satanism, I began to realize how well the scripture from Ephesians 6:11 applied to this very thing. Once this connection was made, I knew which direction to take the movie, and through it, I hope that every viewer can understand the dangers that are associated with satanism even though we weren't able to display it as realistically and graphically as we know it is.

The third focus is the guardian angel sent to protect David Daye. This was meant to show that God is forever with us, even when we may think that he is no where to be found. Many times throughout the movie, the angel is watching over David. This is represented in ways that are very subtle. Next time you view this movie, see if you can notice the areas where the angel is present. The angel has been with David throughout the entire movie.

These are three constants that I wanted to be present throughout the movie. I believe that God had a reason for leading us to create "The Knight of Daye" with this specific focus in mind.