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Made new

Paul shows us that being "made new" is a process, that it is a learned behavior, and that we have a role in being made new.

through the fire

Sometimes, God chooses for us to walk through the fire instead of avoiding it. When that happens, don't lose heart.

Time well spent

Proverbs warns us not to wear ourselves out to get rich. Are we spending our time pursuing the right things?

influence god

True repentance and humility goes a long way with God. Even if you've done something incredibly bad, God can still offer grace to you.

because he loves

Psalm 91 shows how God responds to those who are faithful to him. He lavishes them with love that manifests itself into blessings.

eyes on you

There is nothing too big for God. Any situation you have faced, are facing, or will face is well within his control. Just keep your eyes on him.

no discrimination

You may have heard it said to "love the person, but hate the sin." I believe that many Christians find it difficult to separate the two.

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