God Never Fails

How often do you think about the promises of God? There are many in the bible. Promises like we’ll be rewarded when we are persecuted because of our belief in him, the promise that if we ask we shall receive, if we knock the door will be open to us and if we seek we will find, and the promise of eternal life to those who believe – just to name a few. But there also may be promises that God has spoken specifically into your life. There may be prayers that you’ve prayed where God has given you an overwhelming peace as if to tell you that he’s got this. If that is the case, don’t let the devil plant seeds of doubt, hold on to the promise because Luke tells us in chapter 1 verse 37:

"For no word from God will ever fail."

In another translation, it says “for nothing is impossible for God”. This short verse comes after God tells Mary that the Holy Spirit will overshadow her and she will become pregnant with the Son of God. If that wasn’t enough, he tells her that her relative, Elizabeth, who was barren, is already pregnant. These were miracles that only God could make happen. But they did happen because no word from God will ever fail. So if God has given a word to you, I encourage you to remember this verse of scripture.


“For no word from God will ever fail”. God does not lie. If he says it he will do it. And there is nothing impossible for him. So if God has promised you something – either from the bible or to you personally, I encourage you to remember this verse. Just wait on him with faith and watch his hand at work.