Seek His Face

I hope you’ve formed, and continue to cultivate, a consistent prayer life. Prayer is integral to the health of every believer. To have a strong relationship with someone you have to be in communication with them. That is why long-distance relationships often fail. Believers should not have a long-distance relationship with God. We should have a close one. But when you pray, what are you praying for? Are you always coming to God with your hand out, or are there times where you come to him just to seek his face? Check out this psalm - this prayer that David wrote for our God. In Psalm 86 verse 11 we find these words:

"Teach me your way, O Lord, and I will walk in your truth; give me an undivided heart, that I may fear your name."

When Solomon was to become king, his request to God was for wisdom. And God was pleased to find that Solomon’s request wasn’t for something selfish, like riches or victory over his enemies. His request for wisdom was so that he could righteously and wisely rule God’s people. In this psalm, David asks God to help him in his walk. He asks for an undivided heart. How do you think requests like these make God feel? The next time you pray, I encourage you to put aside your prayer list and to seek God’s face, not his hands. Give him praise, worship him, adore him, and like David, ask him for things not for yourself, but for things like an undivided heart that will better help you in your relationship with him.


There is a little girl in Haiti that I try to visit about once a year. When I see her, I’m often bearing gifts that I hope will put a smile on her face. But what always floors me is that when I see her, she is much more interested in spending time with me than playing with any gifts that I brought her. And as a father figure to her, nothing makes me happier. Think about how God feels if all you want to talk to him about are your needs or the needs of your family and friends. Sure, God wants you to bring these requests to him, but how much more joy do you think you would bring him if all you wanted to do was spend time with him? In encourage you to make efforts to seek God’s face, and not only his hands. Pray for things like an undivided heart. Pray for things that will put a smile on God’s face.