Get Serious

Lately I’ve been feeling a bit discouraged at where our country is headed – and I’m not talking about unbelievers. I’m talking about those who call themselves Christians. I watched a video that Christian minister Ray Comfort made where he interviewed random people on the street. I was amazed at the un-Christian-like comments and behavior of many who call themselves believers. I’m also reading books that I bought at my recent visit to the creation museum, and it is shocking how many believers don’t believe in the authority of the bible. Even in light of this, I challenge you not to become discouraged, but to use this as fuel to examine your life with Christ and wherever you are in your walk with him and take it to the next level. Paul recounts words from our God in second Corinthians 6:17 which says:

"Therefore come out and be separate, says the Lord. Touch no unclean thing, and I will receive you."

This comes after Paul challenges us not to be yoked (or shackled) to an unbeliever. He is challenging us to be separate and holy unto God. God tells us to come out and be separate and he will receive us. So again, I challenge you to take a look at your walk with God. How separate are you from the world? As things get worse we need to get serious about our faith and press in - pursuing our God more, not less. 


God calls us to come out and be separate from the world. We’re not called to ride the current of the world by looking more and more like them. We are to fight the current, and fervently pursue our God. As it says in Matthew 6:33, “seek first his kingdom and his righteousness…” So again, wherever you are in your walk with God, I challenge you to take it to the next level. Get alone with God more for prayer and deep study of the bible. Try fasting - denying your flesh while pressing in to Christ. Give more of your time to serving and loving others. Seek God more deeply than you ever have before. Get serious about the faith you say you have and let God shake your world.