Sincere Love


It is clear that God calls us to love one another. But some of us, myself included, often times don’t know how to love. I believe that love is more than just an act. It is more than just a feeling. It is a prompting and a desire that must come from the heart. And if we’re too detached from those around us, sincere love can be a challenge. Paul tells us in Romans 12:9:

“Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.”

“Love must be sincere”. And I’m convinced that for several of us, true, sincere love is only perfected with the help of the Holy Spirit. I say that to challenge and encourage you, as well as myself. If you often lack true, sincere love, remember that the Holy Spirit can perfect it in you. Just pray to him. Acts that we do for others in the name of love are wonderful, but sincere love is what Paul encourages us to have; a love that is not detached but wholeheartedly engaged; a love where you have invested yourself in someone else to the point that you can genuinely empathize and connect with them. If you are a person where sincere love comes naturally, I encourage you to continue to show it to everyone you can, including those who don’t return it.


Paul tells us that love must be sincere. So, I encourage you to open your heart to those around you. Feel what they feel, care for their cares, and sincerely love them. If you struggle with sincere love, pray to God that he open your heart to see others the way he sees them. Acts of love are great, but what God is really looking for is a heart filled with love that is sincere.