Have you ever shared with someone about Jesus Christ? Not necessarily out of obligation as a Christian, but out of love for that person or because God opened a door and you walked through it? For some believers, if the answer to this question is “yes”, you may have felt that God was taking you out of your comfort zone, stretching you to do something that was challenging and uncomfortable. For others, it may have felt completely natural and may have been easier than you originally thought it would be. In either case, stepping out to share Christ is a bold move. You are proving that you’re ready to obey God and to love others. You are taking on the likeness of Paul. Speaking of Paul, Acts chapter 28 verse 31 says:

"Boldly and without hindrance he preached the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ."

I encourage you to be bold like Paul. If you haven’t shared your faith with someone else, I encourage you to be bold and take that step. And if you have, I encourage you to be bold and to do it again. The key is to do it in love, humility, and to do it with the aid of the Holy Spirit. If you do, it shouldn’t feel like you’re checking a box off of a list. Instead, the person who you share Christ with will see the love behind the action. Seeds will be planted and they will be on the road to salvation.


Like Paul, we need to be bold when it comes to sharing our faith. You may think that you aren’t qualified; that you don’t know the bible well enough, that you don’t speak that well, or that you won’t know what to say. I believe that if you’ve earnestly prayed about it, you won’t have to do much at all. The Holy Spirit will help you, and in a very real way, speak through you. We only need to be willing vessels. No human has ever “saved” anyone. It is the Holy Spirit that draws men to him. Our part is to just be willing and obey, to speak with love and humility, and let the Spirit do the rest.