I find it amazing that we, as humans, are at times quick to forget events that should otherwise define us or shape who we are. Maybe it is human nature to stay on an even keel and not let our highs or lows drastically affect us, but at times that could be to our detriment. We see this with the Israelites as they were quick to forget the amazing miracles that God performed for them in Egypt and in the desert. What God did should’ve been branded on the heart of every Israelite, shaping their trust in God for whatever was to come next. For some it did, and for others it didn’t. But Moses reminds them in Deuteronomy 10:21:

"He is your praise; he is your God, who performed for you those great and awesome wonders you saw with your own eyes."

For some of the Israelites, even the incredible miracles; the 10 plagues against the Egyptians, parting of the red sea, sending mana from heaven, and producing water from a rock did not seem to affect their faith. For every hurdle that came next in their journey, they seemed to forget the truth; that nothing is too great for our God. I encourage you not to be like that. If God has answered your prayer, remember what you saw with your own eyes. Let that experience change you. Let it grow your faith. Let it shape and define you. Use it the next time you cry out to God as a reminder of who he is.


When God answers your prayer, when he shows up in a miraculous way, when he intervenes on your behalf, use that experience to boost your faith. Remember what he has done the next time you cry out to him. Faith is necessary in every believer’s walk. Hopefully, your faith and my faith increases over time, and that God’s faithfulness shapes our view of him. Remember to give God high praise when he comes through for you. And the next time you cry out to him, remember what he did for you and know that he will come through for you again.