Search Me

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When it comes to your heart; when it comes to your walk with Christ, how honest are you about how you are doing? Are you acutely aware of your walk, or do you just assume your heart is right before him? If our relationship with Jesus is an active one, we should be confident about our answer to these questions. But whether we have a consistent walk, or whether we meet with God only occasionally, we should often open our hearts to God and ask him to search us to reveal the truth about our hearts. Psalm, chapter 139 verses 23 and 24 reveals this prayer:

“Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.”

At times we need to pause, take a step back, and ask the Holy Spirit to search our hearts and reveal what is truly there. In this Psalm, David asks God to search his heart, to see if there is any offensive or wicked way in him. I believe that he asks this because sometimes we can fool ourselves, or convince ourselves that things are fine even if they aren’t. At times we cannot adequately evaluate our walk because sins like pride and haughtiness, among other sins, are difficult to identify or admit to. That is why we need to humble ourselves before the Lord and allow him to search our heart. He will reveal the truth if we ask him. He can correct anything in our hearts that need correcting. And he can lead us in the way everlasting.


When was the last time you asked the Holy Spirit to search your heart? When was the last time you were willing to evaluate the course you are on? On our own we can’t always get a clear picture of where we are. Though we may try, we might unintentionally deceive ourselves. For me, it’s kind of like when I write a book, or work on a video project. I can be so close to the material that it is difficult to identify any flaws or mistakes, which is why it is wise to let someone who isn’t so close to it help me see any flaws. Likewise, the Holy Spirit can search our hearts and identify any hidden flaws or sins that we can’t see ourselves. I encourage you to ask the Spirit to search your heart. Ask him to see if there is any offensive or wicked way in you so that he may lead you in the way everlasting.