Overcome Evil


I am so happy that Jesus modeled the way we are to live, because some of his commands sound impossible in theory. But, because he was able to model it for us, I have hope that we can accomplish it as well. Take for example the command from Romans chapter 12, verse 21. Sure, Paul wrote it, but Jesus definitely modeled it. It says: 

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”

It makes sense to want to answer evil with evil. If someone hits you, it is natural to want to hit them back. If someone wrongs you, it is natural to wish judgment upon that person, but that is not the way we, as believers, are supposed to respond. We are called to overcome evil with good. In essence, we are called to go against our nature to accomplish a godly outcome. So, instead of wanting the person who wronged you to get what is coming to them, we are to treat them with love. Hopefully, you and I can be like Jesus when we are wronged so that we are not overcome by evil, but that we overcome evil with good.


“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good”. It is difficult to do, and it goes against our fleshly nature, but isn’t that how it is with many of God’s commands? To be an effective Christian is to obey God’s word even when it goes against what we want or how we feel. Loving our enemies is difficult. And to take action to show that love with good deeds is even harder. But when we do, I believe the spiritual word is shaken. A darkness can lift off of our enemy, and conviction or even healing can begin to occur. This is certainly one area where God wants us to take the high road. Are you willing?