If you are a believer in Christ today; if you’ve put your trust in him and have given your life to him, and if you call yourself a Christian and a follower of Christ, you should realize that you are who you are in Christ only because the Father drew you unto himself. Sure, he may have used an event, another person, or an experience in your life as a catalyst, but the Bible reminds us that no one can come to a saving knowledge of Jesus unless the Father draws them. Jesus reminds us in John, chapter 6 verse 37, that after that happens he will never drive you away. It says:

“All that the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never drive away.”

In this verse Jesus attests that it is God the Father who gave him those who have come to believe. And Jesus says that he will never drive them away. Isn’t that a comforting feeling? God wants to draw near to us. It is never his intent to drive us away. We may choose to leave him, turn away from him, or distance ourselves from him, but he will never drive us away. So I encourage you to have the same heart toward him as he has toward you. As it is his intent to never drive us away, let it be our intent to never leave him. Remember, God chose you even when you were lost in your sin and drew you to himself. Now that he has, he will never drive you away.


When you were young and forced to play sports in gym class were you ever the last person chosen? If you were, that probably made you feel like you weren’t chosen at all. You probably thought, since you were the last one left, your team was forced to take you. Well, it isn’t that way with God. If you are saved by God’s grace, remember that God chose you. Not because you were the last one left. He drew you unto himself because it was his good pleasure to do so. And now that you are his, he will never drive you away. There are more people throughout human history who will find the wide path that leads to destruction than the narrow one that leads to salvation, and you are on the right path because God chose you. I encourage you never to forget that.