Jesus Knew

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Can you imagine having the power to know what was going to happen before it happened? If you had that power, and were wise enough to know how to best use it, you could perfectly plot out your life, avoiding pitfalls and making sure that you didn’t miss any opportunities. But, unfortunately, we are only human and we don’t possess that power. But Jesus did. He knew what was going to happen before it happened. He knew that he’d be crucified on a cross, and he even knew when it would happen. He also knew where he came from, and he knew that he’d be returning to God. It says in John chapter 13, verse 3:

“Jesus knew that the Father had put all things under his power, and that he had come from God and was returning to God;”

It says that “the Father had put all things under his power”. So, even though Jesus knew that he had the power to change his destiny, he chose to obey the Father instead, dying in one of the worst ways imaginable. He did it for us. And he did it knowing the whole story before he even stepped foot on this earth. He knew the entire plan, and now that we have the benefit of the Holy Bible, we know it too. We know of God’s plan of salvation, how Jesus saved us, and we even know the future because parts of the Bible haven’t happened yet. So, now that you know, how do you choose to respond? If you aren’t sure, I encourage you to do what Jesus did… Obey the Father. Obey him in every way possible.


Jesus knew that he had come from the Father and that he would be returning to the Father soon. He also knew the implications of that truth and what he’d have to endure before his return. We may not know all of the details of our future, but because of his word, and because of our faith in Jesus, it shouldn’t be a total mystery. Ask yourself; Will you choose to follow and trust Jesus? Will you choose to pattern your life according to what he teaches in the Bible? Will you ultimately give your life to Jesus and accept the gift of eternal life that he gave you? If you will, or if you have, you should certainly know your future; to serve God here on earth and to live with him for all eternity once you die. Just as the apostle Paul put it, “to live is Christ and to die is gain”. That should be the future of every believer.